Price list

Watercolor pencil sketches with acrylic paint on high quality paper, unframed

8"x10" $145 single pet. Add $60 each additional pet.

11"x14” $175 single pet. Add $60 each additional pet.

Acrylic & mixed media paintings, ready to hang

4”x6”,5"x5",5"x7",6”x6” $200, single image only

8"x8", 8"x10" $325 + $95/each additional pet

9"x12",10”x10” $395 + $95/each additional pet

11"x14",12”x12” $465 + $95/each additional pet

16"x20",20”x20” $585 + $95/each additional pet

20"x24", 24”x24” $695 + $95/each additional pet

30"x30",30”x40” $850 + $125/each additional pet

24”x36” $950 + $125/each additional pet

36"x36", 36"x40" $1100 + $175/each additional pet

40"x40"-36"x48" $1450 + $175/each additional pet

48"x48", 40"x48" $1750 + $175/each additional pet

48"x60" $2550 + $255/each additional pet

Shipping costs begin at $4.50. Payment through Venmo, Paypal, check or cash.

Photography Tips

Please email me a single photograph you would like to see reproduced as a painting. I primarily work from one photo, so if sending multiple photos, please let me know which one you’d prefer to see as a painting or drawing. The others will be for my reference only- getting additional detail of eyes, coat, nose, etc if needed.

If you are commissioning a memorial painting of a pet, I will work with whatever images you have, no problem. If you only have hard copies, simply scan or take a photo of your picture & email it to me.

If you are in the Atlanta area & not satisfied with your own photos, I can come take photos of your pet for you for $50.
Please contact me for additional sizes or pricing questions: