Photo Tips: Good Pictures Make Great Art

The artist paints what she sees,  not what you want her to see... so send a great photo showing eyes, face, mouth and any aspects of your pet important to showcase your pet's personality!  If you are sending photos that would never make it into a picture frame, then know they will make terrible portraits. That really sums it up, but if you want details, here ya go:

  • Outdoor photos tend to be the best thanks to natural light.
  • I paint what I see... don't want the harness in the painting? Don't have the harness in the photo.
  • Photos at eye level with your pet tend to make the best paintings. Photos from above will showcase your pet's back, not usually the most popular portrait view.
  • If you want your pet's entire body in the portrait, please provide a photo showing every bit of your pet. If I have to fake a foot or tail or ear, you can usually tell in painting, as there tends to be a little awkwardness. If you do have to send multiple photos to include the missing body part (!), make sure the angle of this part matches the rest of the body. A picture of your pet's foot from above won't fit with a picture of your pet face on, eye level. Remember, I paint what I see.
  • The higher quality the photo, the better the painting. IPhones take great pictures, but sending the image in thumbnail or smallest version is not going to allow me to see details of your pet's face.
  • If your pet has passed away, send me what you have, and I'll let you know if I can work with your photos. I usually can!